Welcome to EKRA Homeopathy

In the name of Almighty of Allah, we have started the new business in London named “EKRA HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL AND THERAPY CENTRE” ON 01/10/2011. We are happy to announce that this business will be based on the community service rather than very much profitable basis.

Moreover, we pay respect to the FATHER OF HOMEOPATHY named DR CHRISTIAN FRIEDRICH SAMUEL HAHNEMANN for whom we have got this natural therapeutically treatment system in the world. We hope this business will follow the Principles of Homeopathy to treat the patient as well as to evaluate the disease. To give the services more prompt and effectively, we have arranged “ DOCTORS BOARD MEETING” for SEVERE CHRONIC patients to serve the COMMUNITY.

Syed Mohammad Shafiqul Islam
Registered Homeopath, UK by Society of Homeopaths

020 3601 6158 / 078 3708 2397